Executive speaking skills training

Take your presentation game to the next level

For the very lucky few, speaking and presenting to large groups of people comes naturally. If you’re not one of those, or you know you can improve further, we can help: our professional presenters will quickly get you to the next level with our executive speaking skills training.

Speaking to large groups of people really can be as enjoyable as it is rewarding, when you know what you’re doing. Our confidence boosting training will give you new skills and techniques, so you can use your voice more effectively, make your talks more engaging, take control of the room and embrace the limelight.

Course benefits:

  • Learn new voice techniques and perfect your delivery.
  • Take control of the room… and enjoy the experience.
  • Address any barriers to getting your story across.
  • Pace your delivery for maximum impact.
  • Record and rewind: watch and learn from your own performance.
  • Boost your confidence and make your talk more engaging.
  • Gain insider tips from our experienced professionals.

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Perfect your presentation with the help of our team

Cromhall Media Training

Your executive speaking skills training is led by two highly experienced and engaging journalists, who are both also qualified educators. We’re a fun and immensely professional team, each bringing unique insights and a variety of experiences from the worlds of commercial media and newsreading.

You’ll benefit from insider knowledge, practical tips, and lots of practice: we’ll record your performance and review it together, so you can tackle any distracting tics and ensure your audience focuses on you and your message.

We’ll teach you how to use your voice as a powerful tool, how to pace your talk, and a host of other tried and tested techniques to keep your audience in the palm of your hand.

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We design our executive speaking skills training courses around your specific needs, tailoring the agenda to ensure you get maximum benefit.

A typical training session covers:

  • Controlling the inevitable nerves
  • The benefits of breathing
  • Creating and handling notes
  • Finding your own engaging style
  • Connecting with your audience

Your chosen training venue

We can deliver the course wherever you choose – at work, at home, at a venue where you’ll be speaking, or even over a videoconferencing platform like Zoom. Wherever we’re training you, we’ll bring the technology to record and review your performance.

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Claire Jaggard, James McDonald

Your training will be led by Claire Jaggard and James McDonald. Both are highly experienced journalists who’ve worked extensively in broadcast media presenting and newsreading. They will make you instantly at ease and are passionate about sharing all they have learned in their careers, to help you perform at your very best.

Claire Jaggard specialises in improving voice and presentation skills - you might hear her reading news bulletins on BBC Radio Bristol. An Oxford graduate, she is an experienced journalist who was news editor for GWR (now Global) commercial radio stations in Nottingham and Derby, before moving into online journalism.

James McDonald has worked as a journalist in both radio and television. He began his career working for local radio stations in Birmingham before five years covering international news and current affairs for Radio Netherlands. In television, he has worked as a producer in BBC News production and outside broadcasting.

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Who we work with

We work all over the country, helping successful people from a variety of professions and organisations to present with aplomb.

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