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"I have been advertising on MyThornbury for a number of years and have found it be very successful and have had many new customers. I have always found Claire very efficient and deals with things quickly and offers friendly and helpful support."
Helen Edwards, In Good Hands

We provide an established online platform for business advertising, bringing you new clients to increase your revenue and profit.

We can help you connect with an audience of over 180,000 users viewing over 700,000 pages each year.

Cromhall Media Ltd runs a network of websites covering South Gloucestershire. They provide focused, comprehensive and up to date information about events, organisations and businesses in the area.

Our audience has grown through steady, organic and consistent development over more than ten years. The core audience for these websites is families and the young retired – those with time and money to spend, and a community-minded go-for-it attitude.

We’re also used as a tool by people looking to move into the area, researching facilities, activities and services, and assessing the vibrancy of the community they’re about to join.

Benefits of advertising on the Cromhall Media websites:

  • Focus: our websites are centred on specific towns, areas and villages, so you can target the right audience, whether that's one village, or most of South Gloucestershire.
  • A receptive audience: our users are active, “up for it” people, committed to their communities, and full of enthusiasm. Doesn't that sound like the sort of customers you'd like to reach?
  • It's cost-effective: with no paper, print or distribution overheads, we keep our prices low.
  • Flexibility: the sites are available 24/7 so we can start and stop your advertising when it suits you.
  • A tailored fit: Not ready for a paid ad? – have a free listing, and upgrade when you're ready. Want something bigger than standard? - let's talk!
  • Ongoing support: a consistent presence builds awareness and confidence, so we run offers and competitions for our advertisers to raise their profile

advertising options

pricing - per year

 Free listingText adDisplay adSidebar ad£72£284£524£60£260£500£60£260£500£60£260£500
Renewal discount  - £20- £20

Discounts are available for multi-site advertising.

quick comparison

 Free listingText adDisplay adSidebar ad
Graphical ad  
• within text   
• in sidebar   
• on directory page  
• in rotation elsewhere   
• on every page   
Entry in our directory
• detailed entry 
• priority listing 
• business name
• phone number
• postal address
• website link
• email link
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free listing

Example of free listing

We offer a free listing to businesses in the area, so even if you're not ready to advertise in earnest, you still won't miss out. A free listing includes your business name, web link and contact details.

As we want to keep our directories as relevant as possible to each local area, we normally limit free listings to one website.

text ad

Example of text ad

An enhanced text ad is a cost-effective way to promote your business and let people know what you offer.

Stand out from the free ads by including a paragraph of information about what you offer, plus text ads appear above the free listings.

display ad

Example of display ad

Display ads are graphic panels that allow you to include images and more information. Not only will your ad appear on its directory page, but it will take turns in appearing in strategic positions all over the site. Your ad can be a clickable link, taking visitors to a feature page, event detail page, or your own website.

We can design and create your ad for you from a brief, logo or any artwork you use.

Display ads are 240x120 pixels, and we aim for a pleasing, simple style. We won't carry garish or animated ads.

A text ad is included when you buy a display ad.

sidebar ad

Example of sidebar ad

Sidebar ads are smaller than regular display ads (125x125 pixels), but they more than make up for this by appearing on just about every page on the website, giving you a much greater number of impacts per visitor. There are only a limited number of spaces for sidebar ads available.

As with display ads, your sidebar ad can be linked - when a visitor clicks on an ad, they will be taken to your website or feature page.

A text ad is included when you buy a sidebar ad.


Example of banner

Banners (824x120 pixels) appear at the top of key pages for maximum impact, and can be used to sponsor a section of the website of your choice. Banners can appear in rotation, but there are only a limited number of spaces available. They cost from £124 per month, per site, with discounts available for multiple sites and longer periods of time.

As with other graphic ads, your banner can be linked - when a visitor clicks on it, they will be taken to your website or feature page.

A text ad is included when you buy a banner ad.

job vacancies

Looking to recruit? We offer text adverts consisting of around 50 words and contact details for £25/month.

Need a bigger splash? Add a display advert graphic for an extra £20/month or a sidebar graphic at an extra £40/month.

To post an advert, simply email us the information at .

We'll send you a draft to approve along with an invoice, and the advert goes live on receipt of payment.

feature page

If you've more information to get across than will fit in a simple ad, we also offer feature pages - effectively a one-page website for you - as an additional option that can be added to (and linked from) display and sidebar ad packages.

Your feature page can include photos, logos and maps, and we can also provide a shortcut web address in the format that you can publicise via your own stationery and promotional material.

contact us

Interested? Give us a call, or drop us an e-mail:
01454 527070 or 01454 294779

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